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Technical practices introduced in our engagements make our products and services the highest quality available to today's professional project management practitioners.  Our solutions are consistent with most widely accepted project management standards; and our concepts and methods are prominently aligned with programs and curricula offered by reputable training providers around the globe.

Project management consultant skill and experience enables our technical solutions to be delivered in less time...and at less cost!  We've done this before -- in local and international venues, for Fortune 100 companies, in state and Federal government departments and agencies, and for small business offices around the corner -- you get truly timely results from our extensive professional background and experience!

Larger, extended engagements do not present any staffing problems since we have a cadre of highly qualified and experienced senior associates available to join our consulting team on short notice.  Many of our staff have worked client engagements together as teams for several years.  New associates are thoroughly screened and pre-qualified to ensure that the training and consulting solutions you need will be delivered.
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