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The purpose of this Promotions policy statement is to provide some insight with regard to our marketing and promotion efforts, noteably our book and product giveaways.  This policy will be used in conjunction with the Hill Methods, LLC Website Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.


Hill Methods, LLC will, from time to time, announce book and product giveaways on its website and by other marketing means.  The primary purpose of this effort is to attract visitors to it's website in order for them to view relevant products and services that are part of our business offering.  As well, it provides a means for Hill Methods, LLC to acquire site visitor information that may be used in future marketing and promotion efforts.

Promotional Giveaways

The giveaway selections that are made by Hill Methods, LLC represent a non-scientific process for random selection of winners during the promotion period.  Simply stated, individual entries are compiled and selections are made from among all valid entries for the promotion period.  Each winner will be validated and notified (normally by email), and each winner's name and location may be posted on the Hill Methods, LLC website.

Hill Methods, LLC reserves the right to limit promotion entries for any reason, including limitations to specific geographical areas or regions. This will be done per business and financial interests determined solely by Hill Methods, LLC. In particular, the costs associated with shipping books and other products associated with giveaway promotions will be a prominent factor in the determination of geographic location eligibility. As well, U.S. Federal government advice and guidance and U.S. laws will also be used to determine geographical area eligibility.

Entrants that do not provide reasonably complete and accurate information within all required fields on the promotion entry form will have an invalid entry, and may be excluded from selections related to that promotion period.  However, we will make every effort to validate all entries based on information received from the entrant.

Hill Methods, LLC reserves the right to reschedule, delay, or cancel its promotional activities without public or personal notification at any time and at its own discretion.


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