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As project management has evolved, the need for an organizational entity to manage its complexities and alignment with business interests has emerged. A project management office (PMO) coordinates technical and business facets of project management and achieves the goals of oversight, control, and support within the project management environment.

The Complete Project Management Office Handbook identifies the PMO as the essential business integrator of the people, processes, and tools that manage or influence project performance. This book details how the PMO applies professional project management practices and successfully integrates business interests with project goals, regardless of whether the scope of the PMO is limited to managing specific projects or expanded to the level of a full business unit.

The Handbook focuses on how to establish PMO functionality to meet the requirements of project stakeholders. It presents five stages of progressive PMO development along a competency continuum, demonstrating potential PMO growth from simple project control to alignment within a business framework. This book presents 20 PMO function models, providing a guide for PMO operations that is flexible enough for use by any organization.
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The Complete Project Management Office Handbook, 3Ed
Gerard M. Hill (CRC Press, 2013, 705pp)
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