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Project Management Capability Assessment

Assessment Triggers

Some prominent "triggers" for using the ProjectSTATE™  project management assessment model include:

n Project volume or complexity has changed
n Project management staff turnover is ocurring
n Borderline or troubled projects are identified
n PM alignment with business practices is needed
n PM alignment with technical practices is needed
n Business is affected by weak project performance
n A PM capability improvement mandate is issued

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ProjectSTATE™ PM Capability Assessment

ProjectSTATE™  is an organizational assessment model that is used to help you gain a better understanding of current capability in your project management environment.  It is a relative quick and generally unintrusive way to establish a project management capability baseline for your organization.

Whatever the need or trigger (...see list at left), this assessment model will help you define the Current State of Project Management in your organization, and then guide you in developing a roadmap to achieve desired capability in project management.

ProjectSTATE™  is an assessment conducted with minimal interference to daily operations -- our consulting team usually spends about 4-5 days on-site.  It includes some individual and group interviews, with an examination of relevant project management documents. This is accomplished to identify and assess:

n Project management practices and processes currently in use
n Strength of current practices relative to best or preferred practices
n General project management skill and competency in the organization
n Project management infrastructure and support
n Contributions to effective business management

A comprehensiveState of Project Management capability assessment report with findings and recommendations is then prepared and delivered in about 7-10 days.
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