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Project Management Methodology
An immediate and customized answer to your project management process needs is here today with the new concepts and content of this unique, matrix-based Methodology, that includes a process guide, a practice guide, and a very comprehensive toolkit.

The Complete Project Management Office Workshop
This is today's response for timely PMO Model design and implementation in your organization.  It's a solution that can help initiate PMO capability in just a few weeks, to give you "quick wins" in the project management and business environments.  Based on the book, The Complete Project Management Office Handbook.  (Book Information)

ProjectSTATE™ Project Management Capability Assessment
Use this Capability Assessment to define the current state of project management in your organization, and then construct a roadmap to improved future capability.

ProjectWORKPLAN™ Project Planning Workshop
A facilitated, team-based Planning Workshop that combines participant learning with hands-on use of best practices -- and a viable project workplan in 3-to-5 days.
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Consulting Practice Areas

Our expertise is in project management, and in the strategic implications that associated practices have on business performance.  Our technical approach and concepts have been tried and tested around the world.  Primary consulting practice areas include:

n Project Management Capability Assessments
n Project Management Methodology
n Project Management Office (PMO)
n Project Portfolio Management
n Project Management Planning & Facilitation
n Project Management Skill Development & Training
Technical Solutions
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