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The Project Management Office (PMO) Workshop
The Complete Project Management Office Workshop

The Project Management Office (PMO) is the central point of oversight, control and support for project management.  It is the integration point with business and technical performance, and it operates in the project management environment.

The Complete Project Management Office Workshop  is today's response for the timely and efficient introduction of a PMO in your organization.  It's a consulting solution that can help you achieve initial PMO capability quickly -- perhaps a matter of just a few weeks -- a time that gives you needed "Quick-Wins" in your project management and business environments.

The Complete Project Management Office Workshop presents a technical model using a structured approach that is applied to PMO design, development and implementation.  It helps organizations to identify the key participants needed in forming a PMO Working Group.  Then, it guides them in completing several critical activities in a relatively short period of time:
n PMO Business and organizational support needs examination
n PMO functional design
n PMO implementation planning

This is the ideal start for virtually any type of PMO across a variety of  industries, to include PMOs for local and regional operations, and even those intended to have a larger, perhaps global scope of operations.  In just a few weeks or less, your PMO design document and implementation plan are ready for use.

PMO Development

Starting a new PMO?  Just need to get a "handle" on centralized project management in your organization?  Don't have time to research the best PMO practices?  Get it from an expert source and author of The Complete Project Management Office HandbookReview the Publication [Click Here]

We can also assist you in assessing current PMO capability, or in defining and developing a customized PMO solution for your business.  CALL TODAY!
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