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Project Management Planning Workshop

Project Planning Support

Indicators of need for this planning workshop:

n Teams can't find the time to meet for planning
n One person is "stuck" making planning decisions
n There is limited time for planning
n A troubled project needs replanning
n A project plan was created, but is already outdated
n There is uncertainty about the planning process
n An urgent need requires special planning expertise

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ProjectWORKPLAN™ Project Planning Workshop

ProjectWORKPLAN™  is a rigorous 3-day facilitated consulting program for project teams who need to prepare a project work plan, . . .and they need it now!

In a proven structured approach, project teams are led in a hands-on planning exercise that is complemented with short periods of instruction to establish a common frame of reference to critical planning concepts.  Expert facilitation and support are provided to ensure the planning effort is accomplished in the allotted time.  As well, a day or two can be added when needed to cover more topics.

This means you can bring together key planning participants from around the world or just down the hall and be assured they will become productive, collaborative and cohesive in their planning efforts.

ProjectWORKPLAN™  includes essential planning activities and deliverables:
n Project definition development
n Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) construction
n Cost, schedule and resource estimating
n Preliminary project risk assessment

Pre-workshop collaboration is used to review the program schedule, finalize facility arrangements, and convey any relevant materials for consultant review.
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