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In addition to our three primary workshops, we  can also help your organization excel in areas of:

n Project Planning
n Project Risk Assessment
n Project Team Building
n Project Vendor Management Planning

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Project Management Workshops and Training

Project Management in the Organization
This is a 2-1/2-day comprehensive workshop on fundamental and intermediate concepts of  Modern Project Management.  It will help individuals gain insight to effective project management practices and procedures, which can be applied by participants immediately upon returning to their workplace.

ProjectWORKPLAN™ Project Planning Workshop
This project planning solution is one of our core technical solution offerings.  ProjectWORKPLAN™  is a rigorous 3-day facilitated consulting program for project teams that need to prepare a project plan, . . .and they need it now!

Complete Project Management Office Workshop
The  Complete Project Management Office™ Workshop is today's response for the timely and efficient introduction of a PMO in your organization. It's a consulting solution that can help you achieve initial PMO capability.

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